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Jarosław Poland 18.09.2019
Very good car setup, fun driving, quick and easy rental procedure.
No idea what to improve - just keep it going!
Patrice 19.08.2019
rent4ring has an excellent service and fantastic car's for a good day on the most difficult and challenging racetrack in the world!
I drove the BMW for the third time an it's great fun, a perfect car for developing your skills on this amazing track!
Have fun, drive safe and enjoy the ride with the support from a great team rent4ring!
Rintaro Aichi pref. Japan 11.08.2019
Every year, I visit Rent4Ring to rent a car since several years ago.
Because they have a best solution to drive on the Nordschleife.
I would highly recommend you to visit there.

The staffs are always kindness and have helpful knowledge for the cars and some important rules on the track.

Recently, they deployed some new fleets.
Their tuned Suzuki Swift turbo is much fun to drive on the Nordschleife.
Because it is quicker and lighter than the previous model.

Danke wie immer Rent4Ring .
Es hat so viel spaß gemacht!!
Thank you guys and see you next year!
Miguel Santana Santo Domingo 27.07.2019
I had a great experience in the Nurburgring (Green Hell) thanks to Rent4Ring. Wonderful staff with the main goal of outperforming what is a great service, great cars as a result of good maintenance. My Suzuki Swift Turbo performs flawlessly. Thank You Rent4Ring!!!
Frank Burger Michigan, USA 06.07.2019
Everyone at R4R is a pleasure to deal with, and the Swift is setup perfectly for the track. Can't wait to try it again ...
Thomas Schulte Vorderweidenthal 28.06.2019
Ich habe meine Motorsport-Karriere 2015 nach fünfzehn Jahren VLN (150 Rennen) und sechs 24h Rennen beendet.
Vom Peugeot 306 S16 über den Opel Astra Cup bis zum Aston Martin V8 Vantage habe ich nichts mit vier Rädern ausgelassen.
Seit 2016 fahre ich regelmäßig jährlich mehrere Trackdays auf der Nordschleife, immer mit einem BMW von Rent4Ring, ein phantastisches Team mit echten Rennautos - ich fühle mich dort sehr gut aufgehoben!
Yuri St. Petersburg 28.06.2019
The 125 was completely ready and gave me the unbelievable emotions. 5 laps with a coach and 1 lap with my wife. Coooooool!!!!
I even outrun some slow cars ))) It was my 1st experience on the track and it was great!
Specially for Russian visitors
Ребята, не связывайтесь с Иваном Стрекопытовым с "www.nueburgring.ru" Пообещает одно, получите совершенно другое. Лучше - напрямую с гаражами ринга.
Manuel Südburgenland, Österreich 28.06.2019
Hello R4R...
Danke nochmal...alles verlief sehr unkompliziert und freundlich. Der Swift Turbo war sehr sauber und vorallem sehr hochwertig und umfangreich zum Tracktool umgebaut. Daumen hoch!
David McMahon Eßfeld 28.06.2019
Listen up-if you’re new to the track, then get a Swift. If you wreck it, you should consider riding a bike the rest of your life. It really is that simple. The Swift is hands down the easiest and safest way to drive fun laps and not have to worry. The setup is awesome (is there another word...incredible maybe?). It’s fun, plain and simple. Don’t let the power numbers fool you, I’ve passed many cars during TF with a simple non turbo Swift and as much as I like the BMW and it’s setup, the Swift is as trustworthy as my battle buddy in Afghanistan. You won’t be disappointed and I only warn you that the fun is both addictive and expensive. I should know, I’ve been there 8 (or 9??) times in 2019.
jakub wrocław 04.06.2019
Alle ist super gelaufen. Schnell und Profesionell. Wir kommen wider asap
Meikel Ludwigsburg 02.06.2019
Nette Leute, gute gepflegte Autos - wir hatten die Swift 150 PS - kann ich nur empfehlen. Wir kommen auf jedenfall noch einmal , das steht fest . Spaßfaktor 100 %
John Kleynhans Luxembourg 31.05.2019
Rented one of the new Turbo Swifts for DN21 in May. Great car, well set up and a nice step up from the original Swift at a reasonable price. Always a pleasure to deal with R4R!
Xinyu 25.05.2019
The swift is a good car! The set up is reall ideal. The AD08 tires have a very high limit! Enjoy the driving!
Brad 10.04.2019
The Swift was excellently prepared and I had a great time with it on the Nordschleife. The staff were also very helpful and informative.
Emil Setright Denmark 07.04.2019
Great people, great cars!

Treat yourself to a drive in one!
Eduardo Galan Spain, Madrid 24.10.2018
Wonderful experience , great service great cars and great staff. Car performs flawlessly even with 3 laps in a row being really hard on the brakes. Car manteinance is 10/10

Way to go if you want to rent a ring car
Rodolfo Alcocer Mexico 23.10.2018
Great experience overall.
Could not be better.
I will be back as soon as possible.
Thank You
Terry Virginia 12.10.2018
I really enjoyed my rental experience with Rent4Ring. The personnel were competent, courteous, and clear in the instructions. I felt the Suzuki was set up well for the track. We had to wait a while for the fog to lift but it was definitely worth hanging on to get my six laps in the afternoon. This was a bucket list experience, but I hope I can come back sometime and get more time at the Ring.
Anatoly Moscow, Russia 09.10.2018
We visited NBR at the end of September and we took 2 BMW 125. Cars were clean and fully prepared for a ride. Signature process was quick and transparent. Everything went smoothly and even a small accident at the track didn't change my impression at the end. Thanks to all team members of Rent4Ring and I look forward to meeting you in 2019 season!
It was on my bucket list to drive on the Nurburgring.
People here are very pleasant and friendly.
Cars are well prepared , my skill can't reach though.
I enjoyed the drive on the ring .
My dream came true , and looking for another chance in the future again !
Thanks guys !

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