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  1. 02.09.2014

    United States

    Rented the Scirocco with Andy as my co-pilot - an excellent choice for those who have a little bit of driving experience and want the ease of a paddle shifter. Even though I was a bit outmatched in speed and driving school (I drove on a track day, not a public day), I can honestly say it is the most fun anyone can have with their clothes on!

  2. 01.09.2014


    Vom ersten Telefonat mit Ralph, über Begrüßung, Anmeldung, bis hin zu Wagenübergabe und -abgabe durchweg freundlich, professionell und mit viel Spaß an der Arbeit.
    Hatte nicht nur das Gefühl, gut aufgehoben zu sein, sondern auch, dass man alles tut, um mir ein unvergessliches (und unvergleichliches) Erlebnis zu bereiten.
    Werde auf jeden Fall wiederkommen.
    Für mich als Neuling war der Suzuki Swift perfekt, der im Gegensatz zur Konkurrenz mit Vollschalensitzen ausgestattet war.

    Vielen Dank und bis zum nächsten Jahr

  3. 25.08.2014


    Super Tag trotz permanenter Streckensperrung und vielen verzögerungen. Der Suzuki ging gut und ich hatten lange nicht mehr so ein Spaß am Fahren.
    Kompromissloser Kurvenräuber!

  4. 22.08.2014

    Todd Griffin
    United States

    Loved the Suzuki at Ring4Rent, ever if you are experienced on the 'Ring you will love this car. The staff are professional and nice, I can't say enough about the overall experience.

  5. 13.08.2014

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  6. 02.08.2014


    1000 Dank für einen herausragenden Abend.
    Bin nun bereits zum dritten Mal, hochzufriedener Kunde , von Rent4Ring.
    ( Suzuki,4 Runden-all.inkl.) Beste Qualität , bester Service , super Team !
    Hoffentlich ergibt sich im September nochmal eine Gelegenheit !
    You see, the " Nürburgring-Virus ", is working :-)
    Besten Dank, an das ganze Rent4Ring-Team !
    Lieben Gruß an Linda : Jawoll, Luftdruck ist wichtig !
    Wünschen Euch eine tolle Saison
    Roland und Vitor

  7. 31.07.2014

    Abu Dhabi

    I had great time on the ring, thanks to rent4ring, i was lucky to have Andy as my instructor, very calm, patient and knowledgable, this is the place to rent your car for the ring experience, price, service and atmosphere are just perfect, definitely not my last visit

  8. 28.07.2014

    Wachtebeke, Belgium

    We had an amazing time at the Ring due to the guys of Rent4ring. The welcoming and communication were just perfect. Like their cars, we were perfectly prepped for the Nurburgring. It's hard to describe in words how good customer service can be, so I can only say: SUBLIME! They really make you feel like 'one off the guys'.

    We rented the Swift, which was perfectly set up. The racy feeling of the car amplified oud experience. You van expect us again next year.

  9. 14.07.2014


    Por 31 euros de diferencia con la empresa rentracecar pensaba que iban a tener un trato especial con la gente, mi experiencia no fue así. Para futuras visitas no contrataré servicio con esta empresa. Aún con todo, el coche que conduje no estaba mal, apretaba bien pese a que entré al ring con lluvia y con slicks. Salí del circuito disgustado con el resultado climatológico. Adquirir el all-included sólo si se sabe a ciencia cierta que el tiempo es cálido y seco pues en mojado es una lotería. Pese a la mala experiencia agradecer el servicio.

  10. 13.07.2014

    Tacoma, Washington

    The crew at Rent4Ring is simply fantastic! From the time we walked in the door until I turned in the car, I had one great experience after another. After an incident that closed the track halfway through my session, Dale gladly rescheduled the rest of my session two days later so I could finish up before I had to leave town. Upon arriving Saturday evening for my Sunday morning time slot, I had trouble finding a place to spend the night. After closing, Ralph made some calls to help me find a pension for us to say in. Sunday morning he got me into the same Swift that I drove on Friday and I had a great end of my session. The cars are expertly set up, serviced, prepped, clean and fun to drive. Thanks for everything. I'll be back.

    If anyone has any question on who to rent with, call rent4ring and don't look back (except for faster cars in your rear view mirror.)

  11. 17.06.2014

    Barbara & Willi
    Wien (Österreich)

    Wieder einmal ein großes Dankeschön an Euch für das super Auto und den kompetenten Auskünften !
    Es hat uns wieder einmal großen Spaß gemacht mit eurem Suzuki auf der Nordschleife zu fahren !!

    Lg aus Wien senden Barbara & Willi

  12. 16.06.2014


    A big thank you must go out to Dale and the team. They made an amazing experience just so easy, they tell it as it is. Everything from the morning breifing to getting on the track. The only bad thing I experienced is that I didn't have enough time to do more laps. Very professional outfit, highly recommended.

  13. 01.06.2014


    It's such a pleasure to come across a group of people that love what they do. Thank you so much to the team at R4R, I had an incredibly memorable day and a lot of that is attributed to the wonderful team. Everyone is enthusiastic and helpful and genuinely interested in ensuring your time at Nordschleife is everything it can be. Also a huge thankyou to Andy, a great instructor, who through his intimate knowledge and superior communication, allowed me to exceed my expectations for the day. I highly recommend R4R and will only use their services in future visits.


  14. 30.05.2014


    Had my first Rent4Ring car "accident" today. A bit early turn'in from their car park and two Swifts crashed. Mine with around 5 kph - the other was parked...
    I'm only telling it because even if there wasn't much damage, I wouldn't argue if I'd have to pay around 500 Euroes. But as decent as they are I only had to pay €1|00:-) Thanks! And don't hold it against me if I'm sloppy again!

  15. 27.05.2014

    Roy Berwald


    Thank you for this incredible experience. I've rented the Suzuki Swift Stage 2 for 4 laps all inclusive. At first when you think about a Suzuki Swift, you don't really think that it's a very fast car, and on the straights it isn't (allthough i got it up to 200km/h, which isn't that bad!). But in the corners and under braking, it is so intense, it's amazing!
    I will definitely come back to rent the same or another car. Everything was very well arranged, Rent4Ring is just awesome!!

  16. 13.05.2014



    It was my third trip to nurburg but i had not been able to enter the circuit until first weekend of may this year. Finally we got there in our honeymoon!! and driving the ring was the best present i could receive!!

    There was a lot of people everywhere that weekend and R4R guys oriented me in a very good way to enter the ring for my first time. They gave me a lot of advice of which hour would be better to drive and they were right. And all of them where very very friendly and sincere.

    Orientation and prevention is their main goal, and the swift stage 2 was perfect for a beginner here: very confortable to drive, precise controls, good handling and very good brakes. Safety equipment is first quality. Maybe power is a bit short but fast enough to impress any beginner in the green hell.

    All i can say is thanks again: I wish I can come back very soon!!!! Great job!!

  17. 29.04.2014

    Martin H

    Had a great 1/2 day 22 Apr. using a stage 2 Swift. From the warm reception to the end of day signing of (other people's) bent panels, the Rent4Ring team were great & I would certainly recommend them to anyone that wants to explore the Ring !!

    See you again soon, !!!!

  18. 28.04.2014

    Hampshire UK

    This was everything I hoped it would be and much more. I booked through Dale for the April 26th trackdays.de event for my first Nordschleife visit. I had the Swift Stage 2 and an hour of instructor time with Andy Carlyle. Half way though the event I swapped cars for my 911 turbo, again with Andy as instructor.

    Everyone at R4R is great, very friendly and just wanting you to have a good and safe time. Andy is a wonderful tutor, and I learned a lot in both cars with him. I'll definitely be back to R4R for future events ... the bug has well and truly bitten me.

  19. 15.04.2014


    Very professional team, well prepared cars, and the best way to lap the ring. I had the swift stage 2 and for a first time it was more than enough, the track takes many laps before you are pushing the limit. Highly recommended!

  20. 11.04.2014

    United States

    Did 4 laps in the Swift 2 in the evening session on April 4, 2014.

    Loads of fun in a great little car that is well prepared for the many turns on the Ring. The car is is not crazy powerful, which forces you to use the gears thoughtfully... as it should be. Car more than held its it own against the big boys in the corners.

    The staff at Rent4Ring were professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Hope to do it again on my next trip to Germany. Easy day trip in rental car from Frankfurt.

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