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  1. 02.08.2015

    Scott Saier

    I was very excited to visit the Ring and I was not disappointed. The swift was a great power level to start with and drove very nicely. Car had great response and braking, as well as grip. Very fun day at the Nürburgring with Rent4Ring.

  2. 27.07.2015


    Very friendly people at Rent4Ring, and the Suzuki Swift was nicely prepped and made my first visit a joy! I wish I had booked an instructor though, so I could've gotten a better understanding of the car and the track's limits.

  3. 22.07.2015

    Steve Metz
    Austin, TX

    I can only echo the comments that my colleague, Jeff, wrote below. Rent4Ring made our weekend at the Ring utterly enjoyable. Fredy, Ralph and the whole crew are extremely professional, but also very cool, funny folks. They really put you at ease.

    The Suzuki Swift we had was unbelievable. It's the perfect weapon for the Ring.
    It turns in, corners and stops like a beast.

    Thank you Rent4Ring! We'll be back soon. Can't wait!

    Steve Metz
    Senior Instructor - Longhorn Racing Academy

  4. 22.07.2015

    Tom Gardom
    Nottingham, UK

    Visited Rent4Ring during our 2 week road trip around Europe. We spent 2 days at the Nurbugring, one watching the VLN racing and the other in a Suzuki Swift on the "Green Hell" itself.

    The experience is like no other and I would go to no other company than Rent4Ring.

    The people, service and the actual cars were brilliant making the whole experience amazing!!!

    Can't wait to visit again next year!

  5. 21.07.2015

    Jeff Sanders
    Austin, TX

    The Rent4Ring team is the most professional and friendly group of people you will ever have the pleasure to meet. This was my first trip to the Nurburgring, and the staff there helped make it a wonderful memory that will last a lifetime. I want to offer a huge Thank-You to Fredy & Ralph and the entire staff for being so helpful. They take care of everything from giving a thorough safety briefing, to buckling you in the car, to giving great advice on how to have the most fun driving the ring.

    Now for my experience with the Suzuki Swift, in a word, “spectacular”! This was the perfect car for the ring for EVERYONE. No matter if you are a novice or pro driver, you will have an absolute blast in Rent4Ring’s exceptionally well prepared fleet. The cars have the perfect tire, alignment, and brake setup to maximize your fun. Being in a track prepared car with a full roll cage, race seat, and harness not only improves your safety, it allows you to be secure in the seat. You can use your hands on the steering wheel for turning and not to hold you in place. This is a major improvement over companies renting cars with stock seats and seatbelts. The cars carve up the turns so well you will have a smile on your face the entire lap (and it lasts for days after!).

    The ring is a bucket list track, it has its dangers as all motorsports do. However, the way to get the most out of your experience at the ring is get in a Swift at Rent4Ring. You will be blown away! If you do your homework and come with the right attitude and respect for the track, Rent4Ring can give you the tool you need to have the time of your life!

    If you can get a ride with one of their great instructors do it. They are awesome, and if you want some pro advice, well you aren’t going to find a better source than Fredy Lienhard and Ralph Beck. They are both amazing kind and helpful guys. See ya again soon guys and thank you for everything you did to make my first trip to the ring amazing. Looking forward to many more laps in a Swift!

    Kind Regards,
    Jeff Sanders
    Chief Instructor, The Longhorn Racing Academy, LLC.

  6. 18.07.2015

    Ben Nugget

    We love you Ray. You owe us a clean pair of pants!
    Thanks all

  7. 16.07.2015


    Great experience! Highy reccommended!

  8. 16.07.2015

    Robert Laaser

    Friendly and helpfull staff.
    Very good experience here at Nuerburgring.
    I will definitely come again, RENT4RING = =)

  9. 16.07.2015


    Great experience!! Staff is very friendly, nice place, good car and great track.
    I do recommend to have an instructor. You can feel the limit of the car if you ask the instructor to drive for you. Thank you Rent4Ring for the great experience.

  10. 14.07.2015

    Greg Calabria
    Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

    Perfect. the cars are so perfectly dialed in that I didnt even think about tire pressure. The little Suzuki was the perfect car. I had my doubts about it at first, but it truly couldnt have been a better vehicle. R4R handled the whole thing brilliantly and gave great advice. One more check on the bucket list.

  11. 14.07.2015

    Vicki Duffield-Smith
    United Kingdom

    I originally made an online booking to use the suzuki swifts. Rent4Ring got back to me in a very friendly and open manner and we discussed the best way to accomdate our 9 person group.
    we took 3 swifts, for 3 laps each with instructors (which we would strongly recommend to anyone) and 2 members of the group decided that they wanted another lap, which was no issue. The organisation and finances were made clear, the knowledge and support of the team at Rent4Ring were invaluable. The only issue, we are now itching to come back! Thank you.

  12. 13.07.2015

    Chris Gerber
    Chicago, United States

    Passenger and I had a blast in the Suzuki Swift! 10/10 would do again. Definitely stop by if you're in the area -- or just take a trip to the ring! Great experience.

  13. 10.07.2015

    Sarah und Patrick


  14. 09.07.2015

    Grigoriy Mayshev

    Had a great time! made sure to get an instructor who was fucking awesome in directing me around the track.

  15. 09.07.2015


    what an incredible trip! this was on my bucket list and im so happy the rent4ring crew was able to provide such a great time. the staff were great and the swift was so much fun

    ill come back again for sure!

  16. 08.07.2015


    Amazing experience! This is the only place with true track cars made for the ring. Also, dont skip on the instruction!

  17. 08.07.2015

    Mark Griffiths
    Sydney Australia

    Awesome experience. If it's your first time, get an instructor as it will make all the difference. Worth coming half way around the world for !!!

  18. 05.07.2015

    Frank Burger
    Michigan, USA

    Fantastic experience, couldn't be better. Full service booking of a track day, car rental, and driving instruction. Everything went without a hitch in a very relaxed atmosphere. Instructor Julian (hope I remembered / spelled it right!) did a great job getting me up to speed safely on an unfamiliar track, and the Suzuki was a hoot to drive and didn't miss a beat. My only complaint is that the day was over too quickly!

    Thanks for a great day!

  19. 03.07.2015

    Plano, Texas, USA

    Very friendly staff. Before you get on the track, there is a quick video/instructor led briefing. The instructor explains what to do and what not to do in a funny but serious way. As a whole, this was a great experience for me and my son who actually did the driving and I was just a passenger. It was really awesome experience even as a passenger :). I would highly recommend this place.

  20. 03.07.2015

    Matt Bishop

    Really awesome experience. Everyone here was really friendly and made you feel at ease.
    Simple instructions and guidance on what to do and what not to do, and then away you go!
    Would definitely come back here again for our next Euro trip.
    Thanks to everyone at Rent4Ring :)

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