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  1. 25.12.2015


    Hi folks!
    I got an all inc. package for my 40th birthday from my girlfriend. Arriving at R4R we where greeted by the most professional and kind staff you can imagine! I have some track time to my name, but the walk-through of the event and the car was good and informative. I really liked the guys and girls at R4R, nice and helpfull people, I felt well taken care of.

    I drove the Swift, and I must say I'm really impressed! I was a bit sceptical, wondering if it had enough power - It has! It was my first time at the 'Ring and I logged a 09.30.00 lap!

    All in all I am perfectly happy with R4R, and this Cristmas I got more laps... :D

    I'll be back!

    Best Regards :)

  2. 29.11.2015

    Adam Childs
    Somerset england

    After a mechanical failure with our focus rs and unable to get parts, we thought are holiday was going to be a wash out! Was overwhelmed by the dedication and passion the team have, turned our trip around we rented twice during our stay and couldn't have asked for a better experience, after getting engaged, braking our car it was a mixed 3 motions trip and you guys turned it around for us thank you!

  3. 15.11.2015

    Marcelo von Borell dos Santos
    Sao Paulo

    I totally recommend the Rent4Ring.
    The team was amazing, very kind and did everything they promissed with outstanding professionalism!
    For sure, I will be here again

  4. 15.11.2015


    fuss free,car is in great condition. great for beginners to learn the track

  5. 07.11.2015

    New Jersey, USA

    It was a great experience driving the Swift on the track with an instructor!! Highly recommended! ^_^ will definitely return for more laps one day.

  6. 15.10.2015

    Rick Siffleet
    Surrey, UK

    We tried Rent4Ring for the first time and were mightily impressed with the quality of cars, support and personnel. Will plan next Track Day around them as although we have tried a few, they come out on top.

    Thanks again guys, Rick

  7. 27.09.2015

    Ruan Qi

    You must come in person then realiize how fun it is!

  8. 26.09.2015

    Peter Delin

    Great car, great place! I´ll be back!

  9. 26.09.2015

    Will Sumner

    A great day; briiliant time on track and will definately come again!

  10. 26.09.2015

    Philadelphia, PA

    Had a great time! Vielen dank :)

  11. 24.09.2015

    Daniel Gomez

    Amazing experience. Will be back

  12. 23.09.2015


    Had an excellent experience with Rent4Ring. Easiest way to get onto the track when arriving without your own track car. Highly reccommended.

  13. 22.09.2015


    i rent the 125 bmw and it was amazing! this was a very good experience and very professional people at rent4ring. i took ray for instructions on the racetrack and that was a big help! he defiantly knows the track and this made my experience even better! i can only recommend people to take the instructor ! best trip ever!

  14. 21.09.2015

    United States

    I just have to say I heard an amazing story about Rent4Ring and their (unplanned) Make-A-Wish event. A couple of months ago they treated this young man like a king when another company (RS*) couldn't deliver their promise. Not only did they not deliver, they made it a nightmare for the Make-A-Wish foundation team. The way Rent-4-Ring took care of this young man was night and day compare to RS*. I hate to talk bad about another company but RS* did not care a bit about this young man and his last wish as all they cared about was making a dime. When I heard what RS* did just broke my heart. Long story short, Rent4Ring came to the rescue when one of their staff overheard what happened!!! I love you guys for doing what you did for the Make-A-Wish foundation and if anyone is lucky enough to race in Nürburgring, please give them the support they deserve! I was told you made this young man smile for days and he had the best time of his life

  15. 20.09.2015


    The at rent for ring were super friendly and made my bucket list experience one to remember. Professional and well organized. These are the guys to go with!

  16. 08.09.2015

    Andrés Federico Collazos
    Miami, FL. USA

    I had a blast last Thursday, July 25th, 2015...!
    I only lapped the Nürburgring once (money's tight these days), but definitely pushed my Swift as much as possible, although being extra-careful on the blind turns and letting the faster cars go by. Nonetheless, 10 min + thirty-some seconds on my 1st, one and only time there, not too shabby! :-)
    The Swift performed really well, I felt it had a definite tendency to over steer when braking hard and turning, which I found later was related to my car having the KW suspensions setup.
    Other than that Tip, I'd recommend future drivers to place their GoPro or video cameras on the left side windshield pillar or the cage on the center bars behind/between the seats, since there's a big warning/instructions white sticker on the right-hand side of the dashboard, which reflects and blocks the video footage when the camera is placed on the passenger windshield pillar.
    This item in my bucket list is crossed now, but I'll surely save and return for a couple more laps, as it's soooo bloody good. Quite the adrenaline rush!
    One more tip I almost forgot: go early, right when they open the Nordschleife, since accidents seem rather common and you might find yourself waiting for a mighty long time until the officials clean up and reopen the track.

  17. 03.09.2015

    Neil and Ross

    Rented a Swift on the 23rd of August. Fantastic...brilliant and more. Everyone at Rent4Ring were excellent. Couldn't ask for more. It won't be our last visit. Glad we took the instructor option. Andy was brilliant for our 2 laps each. Thanks. If you are a first time visitor to the "Green Hell" with limited or no experience take the instructor option. YOU WILL get the most out of your experience.

  18. 30.08.2015

    Tanya & David

    What an amazing experience! If you are ever in town don't miss the chance to drive one of the awesome rent4ring cars. The customer service is outstanding and the experience is priceless! Will come back to drive again.

  19. 27.08.2015


    Fantastic experience! First time at the ring so took Ray with me for a couple of laps. Best decision ever! He knew the track so well I was able to really enjoy the experience. The company were really helpful and professional. I had waited years to do this, so pleased I chose rent4ring! Thanks everyone!

  20. 24.08.2015

    Daniel Crisa

    Awesome fun in the fastest Pink Swift in Germany!
    Dan Crisa ´(aka Pink Bits)

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