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  1. 03.07.2015

    Plano, Texas, USA

    Very friendly staff. Before you get on the track, there is a quick video/instructor led briefing. The instructor explains what to do and what not to do in a funny but serious way. As a whole, this was a great experience for me and my son who actually did the driving and I was just a passenger. It was really awesome experience even as a passenger :). I would highly recommend this place.

  2. 03.07.2015

    Matt Bishop

    Really awesome experience. Everyone here was really friendly and made you feel at ease.
    Simple instructions and guidance on what to do and what not to do, and then away you go!
    Would definitely come back here again for our next Euro trip.
    Thanks to everyone at Rent4Ring :)

  3. 23.06.2015


    This guys really have high level communication and focus to customer satisfaction.
    thanks Marc
    thanks rent 4 ring !

  4. 18.06.2015

    David Nguyen

    This was the most incredible motorsport event I have ever experienced, and I have raced formula cars and karts for many years. I had Andy as an instructor with me and that made it many times better with knowing the line and what to do approaching each corner. He was awesome. Also, the cars are prepped to a very high level. The Swift is more than anything a new driver to the 'Ring would need. Upgraded brakes were a great boost (I cooked the brakes on my street car on the way back to the hotel). You cannot appreciate the elevation changes here until you see them in person. The people, the cars, and the experience at Rent4Ring were superb.

  5. 16.06.2015

    Joanne Chan

    THANK YOU SO MUCH to Rent4Ring! Words are not enough to express how grateful I am for them! I have been trying to arrange an experience for one of our wish participants at Make-A-Wish Foundation and I have gone through hell with another rental company and almost had to give up. Then I came across Rent4Ring and as soon as I talked to Marc on the phone, I knew I was in good hands. He is professional, attentive, clear, caring, and efficient. He arranged an AMAZING experience for us and he put our wish participant a huge smile on his face for the two full days that he was there. The whole team at Rent4Ring is simply awesome. Everyone is very friendly to us and make sure our wish participant is having a good time. I am really impressed by how much they genuinely care about people having fun on the track and of course safety. I spent two full days with them and observed that they provide such a high quality of excellent service. I went on the track myself with them as well and it was an exhilarating experience. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rent4Ring to anyone who wants to experience the Nürburgring! You will be very happy!!! I am so grateful for the generous support that Rent4Ring give to Make-A-Wish and to make this experience so perfect, so pleasant, and so memorable! You guys made a dream come true, and this helps him to keep on fighting. I just love this group of kind-hearted people at Rent4Ring. You guys rock!!!!!!!! :D

  6. 14.06.2015

    Isaac Hurless

    I just finished 5 laps of the Nordschleife in one their BMW's. It was an amazing experience. Despite my own mistake on the reservation, they were still able to accommodate me.

    I "upgraded" from the Suzuki Swift to a BMW 125i, which was fantastic. The car was taught and well balanced. Once there was some heat in the tires and brakes, everything worked fantastically. The car was clearly more capable of getting around the track than I was as it's driver.

    A shout-out to Marc, who helped me through the entire process via email and in person. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone going to the 'ring for the first time.

  7. 11.06.2015

    steven bijlsma
    emmeloord netherlands

    First time i went to rent 4 ring.
    i already had some experiense on the nordschleife.
    bid what i didnt know whas that a suzuki swift whas that fast.
    i did 4 laps and the fastest whas 9min 03 sec.
    my new personal record.

    Thanks for the good service!!
    it was a great experiense. I will come back!!

  8. 08.06.2015


    Wanted to say thanks for the great time i experienced at Rent4Ring.
    A friend and i recently took a ride in the 125i and had a lot of fun in the next 14 laps.
    The car set up is just great. On one side it offers always perfect grip for cornering and on the other side it is forgiving if you extended your limits a bit (track was wet in the morning).
    Thanks again for the great time and service offered.
    11 of 10 would rent again :)

  9. 08.06.2015

    Wayne Moore
    New Zealand

    Is it possible to fall in love with a Suzuki Swift? Her name is IX and I’m not even sure how to say it. She is white with red detail and lives at Rent4Ring in Nurburg village.

    Last night I met her and we set a Rent4Ring record of 10 or 11 laps (there was some debate) for an evening session (where the previous record was nine) so our feelings must be mutual. Our first introduction was in teeming rain for two or three laps so we virtually had the Nordschleife to ourselves, then as it progressively dried others came out to play.

    IX wore lightly-treaded Federal tyres and I’m not convinced about them in any conditions other then full dry. They were certainly well washed as the perenial rivers crossed the race track for some time as a Porsche and a Toyota GT86 both white unfortunately found to their demise. Be careful IX.

    My intent renting my new friend was to re-acquaint with the Nordschleife pre-N24. There’s been a lot of tree felling throughout the Eifel and it’s good to know what’s changed. A corner that was once in shade and damp all day may even be taken in a higher gear when it’s dry. A braking mark or turn-in point may be resealed and missing.

    It’s incomprehensible seeing 200 and 250 km speed limit signs. My thoughts of course are with those who lost a loved one or were injured in the VLN crash in March. But I struggle to understand how a draconian measure impacting all competitors in the N24H race will actually fix the faulty aerodynamics of one car. After all… it is a race.

    Otherwise to be honest I didn’t consciously see a lot of the environs. IX needed 100% of my care and attention in the wet just to return safely home… and we did. Her to the workshop to be washed and checked and me to La Stazione for a Weissbier and a pizza.

    Sweet dreams IX. Speed Safely!

  10. 02.06.2015

    Justin Cheung
    USA NY

    Amazing car and some of the friendliest people I've ever met.

  11. 17.03.2015


    Schöne Homepage... keine Ahnung, wie ich hierhergekommen bin, aber es ist wirklich gelungen! :-)

  12. 17.02.2015


    Drove 125 BMW in October 2014, best car i even driven on ring, such fun car, stable easy to drive! funny then my 1m. :)
    Thanx a lot !

  13. 07.02.2015


    Hey Fredy,

    Was ist denn mit dem tollen Sirocco geworden?

    Und was kommt neues bei euch?

    Gruß uli

  14. 18.01.2015


    Treated myself to this as a birthday present in the summer of 2012, Saving the money to do it again the staff where great and the car "stage 2 swift" was spectacular. I would tell anyone to use rent4ring, I am hooked Ive got the bug

  15. 09.01.2015

    Toronto Canada

    Had one of the most memorable experiences of my life here, me and my brother both had a blast with the suzuki swift stage 2. I rave to every other enthusiast I come across, how much fun it is and the scenery and the overall experience. NO video game can ever come close to representing the beauty of the track. Dale and Freddy are great guys all to deal with, I can't wait to go back soon! Rent4Ring is definitely the way to go A+++

  16. 03.12.2014


    Caught the Ring bug a few years back with a half-day through R4R, so when I returned this fall for TF they were the obvious choice. The cars are well sorted, it's a totally smooth process to rent, and they have a great staff - all with a contagious enthusiasm for the track. The Swift Stage II is a brilliant little thing; what it may lack in power it redeems with a great confidence-inspiring setup to push and truly experience the Ring. Already planning my next trip!

  17. 12.11.2014

    Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

    I have been planning to drive the Ring since college. A time measured in decades, rather than years. Finally I did a trackdays.de event in Oct. 2014, with a Rent4Ring Suzuki Swift. It was the most exhilaring, satisfying, and fun thing I have ever done in my life. Ever. No caveats. I did a Skip Barber Formula Ford 4 day school, several track days (including Spa), Pro Rally co-driving, and dirt track driving, but the Ring is different. Very different. It is insanely faster than I anticipated, very flowing, addictive, thrilling, intimidating, breath-taking, and somehow strangely satisfying. One gets into a zone, going faster each lap. Time goes fast on the track - 4 consecutive laps seemed like it took 15 minutes, instead of most of an hour. Wow.

    I cannot recommend Rent4Ring highly enough. They handled the trackdays.de entry, gave a good deal on the car and track entry, handled all the entry registration, sign in, drivers' meeting, and issued wrist bands in a professional and calm manner. It was a relief for someone who came from the USA for this event.

    About the Suzuki Swift Stage II. What a wonderful, fun, easy to drive, well-prepped car. It was nicely set up, with a lowered track suspension, great brakes (no fade even after 4 consecutive laps), racing seats and belt, rollbar, gutted interior, sport exhaust, sticky tires, and a nicely geared 6 speed transmssion. I have driven low powered front wheel drive cars on tracks before, but this one was extremely well sorted and prepared, and was very forgiving. Don't let someone talk you into getting a high HP sports car. This car is an inexpensive way to go and a ridiculous amount of fun. Its limits were much higher than my driving skills, perfect for this first-timer.

    Forget the Touristenfahrten, go on a track day instead. You can drive consecutive laps on the full course, rather than going off the circuit every lap on a Touristfarthen day, and can pass on the right or left. The track is so long that is it almost empty (but be aware all the time), and there are no buses or other roadblocks. I heard from others that open, public days can be a zoo. Spend the extra money and do it right, with a car that is set up for the track. It takes the whole experience to another level.

    Regarding lap times: Don't believe what others tell you. Most time their Touristenfahrten lap from the Bilstein bridge after entering the track, to the Audi bridge 19.1 km away before exiting the track. OK. But those bridges are 1.7 km apart, giving a 19.1 km lap rather than the full 20.8 km lap you get on a track day. So ask those who brag about their quick lap times if they are cutting over a mile off the track length, and see how they react. Haha.

    Now my only problem is to scrape the money together to go again. I hope that black and pink Suzuki is still there.

  18. 29.10.2014


    Rented a Suzuki swift stage 2 for four laps. Was without doubt the most exciting and exhilarating thing I've ever done. The people were super easy to deal with. Car ran great and was perfect for the track. Would highly recommend.

  19. 13.10.2014

    Ross Cureton

    I rented a Suzuki Swift from Rent 4 Ring for my first experience at the Nurburgring in early October 2014. It was, from start to finish, one of the most enjoyable things i have ever done, due in no small part to the professional, attentive and enthusiastic crew at Rent 4 Ring.
    The staff rightly emphasize safety as the place is not to be taken lightly. The car was well prepared, maintained, clean and bags of fun to drive.
    Thanks again to Freddy, Ralph and all the staff for the friendly, courteous welcome, and their attentive help at all times.
    I cannot recommend this company and the experience enough.
    Do it! But treat the place with respect - it bites!
    Rossco - Australia

  20. 06.10.2014


    Having rented from rent4ring for the last 5years, we finally invested in a dedicated track car. We brought it to the ring this weekend and it broke! So we visited rent4ring, and as usual they were amazing to deal with! Ralph sorted us out with a contact to help nurse our car back to life! Thanks Ralph! They really are that amazing to deal with and just genuine people! And all for the love of driving at the ring!!! Cheers.

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