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  1. 15.04.2014


    Very professional team, well prepared cars, and the best way to lap the ring. I had the swift stage 2 and for a first time it was more than enough, the track takes many laps before you are pushing the limit. Highly recommended!

  2. 11.04.2014

    United States

    Did 4 laps in the Swift 2 in the evening session on April 4, 2014.

    Loads of fun in a great little car that is well prepared for the many turns on the Ring. The car is is not crazy powerful, which forces you to use the gears thoughtfully... as it should be. Car more than held its it own against the big boys in the corners.

    The staff at Rent4Ring were professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Hope to do it again on my next trip to Germany. Easy day trip in rental car from Frankfurt.

  3. 07.04.2014

    Marta E
    Madrid, Spain

    Fuimos mi novio y yo hace unos meses a pasar el fin de semana a Nürburing y alquilamos Swift con Rent4Ring. Una experiencia inolvidable, totalmente recomendable a todo el mundo. El coche increible, es impresionante lo que da de si un coche tan pequeño, la gente encantadora, te dan todo tipo de facilidades y si tienes cualquier problema hacen lo imposible para ayudarte. Por ejemplo, nosotros compramos un cupón de varias vueltas, pero no nos dio tiempo a gastarlas todas porque cerraron el circuito varias veces. Nos devolvieron el dinero de la vuelta que no pudimos dar sin ningun problema. Repetiremos sin ninguna duda.

  4. 02.04.2014

    paul en piet

    ik wil dale en ralph en natuurlijk de dames bedanken voor een geweldige ervaring.
    ik en mijn vader huurde de scirocco 2.0 turbo dsg stage2.
    die auto en de km stand van 9752km
    we zijn vriendelijk behandeld en alles was goed geregeld.
    dit is zeker het leukste wat ik ooit heb gedaan.
    en ik kom zeker terug.
    groet Paul en Piet

  5. 06.02.2014


    xxs link

  6. 27.11.2013

    David y Ana
    Madrid, Spain

    Once more, thank you for the wonderful week we had (my brother, friends and me) in Nurburgring in our third visit! You are an incredible team, and we always look forward to return there and enjoy again.
    See you in a few months!
    A big hug, the spanish brothers ;)
    David y Ana

  7. 26.11.2013

    cesar overmars

    I tried purchasing Endless brake pads for my Suzuki Swift Sport as being used by Rent 4 Ring, al I live 350km from Nürburg so I made an appointment in advance only to find no one there able to mount them or even sell them to me. I later even sent an e-mail requesting to send me an invoice so I can pay in advance to have the pads shipped over to me, never received any reply.

  8. 26.11.2013


    Hi guys,

    I wanted to thank Ralph, Fredy, Dale and the rest of R4R team for an awesome 2013 Nurburgring season. Rented the stage 2 swifts 3 times and the Artega once. Epic cars, all of them. Well prepared for sustained track use. Best thing about R4R is the trust they have in a returning customer. If you respect their policy and their cars, you will be treated accordingly. Having also rented cars at the competition, I can say the personal approach of R4R is all I need to keep me coming back.

    See you guys in 2014,


  9. 26.11.2013

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    I´ve planned this trip for a long time, and honestly was one of the greatest experiences in my life. I celebrated my 30 birthday in the Ring, with my girlfriend and in a Suzuki Swift Sport Stage 2, amazing!

    We are a bit far away (12.000 kms Argentina-Germany) but definitely will come back for sure. It was my first time in the track, but not the last.

    All the crew very helpful also to beginners like me.

    saludos para todos!


  10. 09.11.2013

    Tyler Jones
    Maine, USA

    I just want to thank the Rent4Ring crew for an amazing day at the Nurburgring. The staff was extremely friendly and even got a visit from Boo Boo. The briefing before we set out on the track was informative and lively, I do love Dave's sense of humor. The weather was great for early November and the car was sensational to drive, glad I didn't choose anything faster! I have a whole new appreciation for those that drive and race this track, it certainly separates the weak from the brave. I highly recommend Rent4Ring to anyone who wishes to take on the Nordschleife, you won't regret it.

  11. 08.11.2013

    Denver, Colorado

    Had a great time at the Nurburgring courtesy of Rent4Ring. Only was able to do 2 laps due to my time constraints (and was raining like crazy), but was completely worth it.

    Rent4Ring is a very high class outfit, that is very much focused on safety. Would highly recommend them for anyone wanting to safely take a car out on the Nurburgring.

  12. 03.11.2013


    Had eight days ("days" is me bragging - half of them were hours) with cars from Rent4ring this year. Verdict: 6 out of 6. Can't wait to come back in 2014! And for a lousy driver like me, it's nice that today's - and the year's - last lap was my least slowest ever:-) And the credit for that is Rent4ring and their cars - not the driver!

    Cheers Tor

  13. 03.11.2013

    John Kincaid

    You guys do it right! It started with the initial contacts via email with Dale to schedule 3 partial days of driving one of your cars and the experience only got better once I arrived in Nurburg. Dale was a welcoming face and voice and the other staff members I met from mechanics to the owners Ralph and Fredy were equally warm and welcoming and made this feel like one big family.

    I had a stage 2 Swift for my laps of "The Ring" and it was absolutely the perfect car for a Nordscheifie rookie like me who also had no experience on other tracks as well. Hired their friend Andy as an instructor for two partial days and he was superb and just another well oiled cog in this great Rent4Ring team.

    Keep up the great work fellas as I will surely return and will look forward to seeing you all again.

    John Kincaid

  14. 10.10.2013


    Hallo Ralph, hallo Fredy, hallo R4R Team,
    nachdem ich am Mo wohl das letzte mal für dieses Jahr bei Euch war, möchte ich mich für den grönenden sehr schönen Abschluß ( eine Runde mit Ralph im Swift) bedanken. Die Runde mit Dir Ralph, hat mich ein gutes Stück nach Vorne gebracht und war sensationell geil. Vielen, vielen Dank nochmal. Wir sehen uns im nächsten Jahr wieder.
    Wünsche Euch noch viel Erfolg in Euren letzten 2 VLN Rennen.
    Bis nächstes Jahr, ich kann es kaum Erwarten,

    Gruß Ralf

  15. 07.10.2013

    Bart & Bob Gadlage
    Atlanta, GA USA

    I just wanted to thank Dale and the rest of the R4R team for providing a top notch Ring experience.

    The well prepped cars and extensive driver orientation were spot on and helped prepare everyone for a safe and enjoyable experience.

    We rented the RS M3 for 4 laps and opted for the in car instruction to get the most out of the car and track, well worth the extra expense.

    Another item of the bucket list, we will be back in the future!

  16. 06.10.2013

    Matt Clark
    United States

    Excellent, excellent, excellent. The guys at Rent4Ring went out of their way to make sure my father and I had an epic birthday present. Will definitely be renting from them again in the future!

  17. 29.09.2013

    Russell Norden

    Driving at the 'Ring had been on my Bucket List for a long time, so my expectations were very high! Not only did Rent4Ring meet those expectations, they exceeded them, and by a very wide margin. Dale Lomas was our 'poinr' guy and he was really great. I drove the (beautifully prepared and set up) Scirocco and once I'd learnt how to 'fly' it, it was sensational! :) The weather was great, there was only one incident all day, and we had an absolute ball!.You just have to come over to Germany and do a 'Ring day with Rent4Ring!
    The next day, Dale took us over to Spa in the BMW 125 race car, and we did it all again, but at Spa Francochamps. What a seriously fast and exhilarating track! You are constantly travelling at 180-200kph, topping out at 230! I have never driven a track where you foot is buried so deep into the firewall for such long periods! What a seriously awesome buzz!
    A very big thank you to Rent4Ring and Dale for two totally unforgettable days!

  18. 29.09.2013


    Awesome awesome awesome!!

    Had an amazing time thanks to the guys at Rent4Ring. Had the stage2 swift & it was fantastic! I've owned & driven some decent cars & you dont need any more power than the swift to have a wiked time. All the team are obviously passionate about what they do & making sure you have a great experience. Great staff, great cars, great shop setup, & that Nurburgring, wow. Overall just an unforgettable time!
    I WILL return :)

  19. 25.09.2013


    Wie immer perfekt!

    Vielen Dank, es war ein genialer Spass mit dem Scirocco zu fahren. Er ist perfekt abgestimmt, so wie eure Swifts. Jetzt habe ich auch endlich genug Leistung gehabt, um am Bergwerk hinter her zu kommen :-)
    Mehr braucht man auf der Nordschleife nicht, der Scirocco ist eine Rakete!
    Vielen Dank für alles, ihr seid Spitze und ein super Team!

    Liebe Grüsse
    Oliver aus Winterthur

  20. 24.09.2013


    Hallo zusammen

    Ich fuhr ein Swift Stage 2 und es hat sooo.. Spass gemacht. Es wird sicher nicht das letzte Mal sein das ich da war. Die Betreuung und die Erklärung waren super. Die Autos perfekt abgestimmt.

    Nochmals ein grosses Dankeschön und bis nächstes Mal


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